About iTrEnD web meetup

iTrEnD – Casual Web Startup Gathering Taichung is located in Taichung city in middle Taiwan. The origin of iTrEnD casual web startup gathering is the concept of minimum viable product. iTrEnD hopes that there is also a web startup gathering for the people who are having or going to have their own startup in middle Taiwan where is lacking of web startup activities or events.

People who are on the way to startup faces hurdles and challenges from technology, operation, strategy or resource…etc. They may get stuck and unable to breakthrough. It’s like you are working on something. You have tried everything but you just have no idea how to solve the problem. It is so frustrated.
No matter how hard we think or make a plan, there must be something we missed. That’s why sometimes we just get stuck. There may be something you forget or somewhere you don’t see. This is one thing that the Oscar awarded movie, The Blind Side, want to say. When an American football quarter back tries to offence, same as an entrepreneur tries to startup. The quarterback has Blind Side and can be easily tackled. The damage can be losing a touchdown or a game. The player may get hurt. Therefore, quarterbacks need teammates to watch their blind side and protect them from being tackled. However, when entrepreneurs have blind side and they will, who are going to protect them.

The best teammate for entrepreneurs are their partners. Especially the one who has different or complementary abilities from you.  Your partner is the one who know you the most about your business. He is most likely to know your blind side. But not everyone is lucky enough to have such a partner. Or what if the partner get stuck,too?

This is the time to looking for outside resources. One of the best way is attending web startup activities or events to talk to people. You may find the answer from their responses or through the talking. When Daniel was looking for such kind of activities or events in Taichung, Unfortunately he found none. Most of the events in Taichung focus on general business, not on the Internet. Some events are for computer programing. But there are few. Daniel was unable to find one to attend. Let alone find partner to form a team.

Therefore, Daniel frequently met Steven, who run a marketing company in Taichung, to talk about the difficulties of finding the events. Steve loves reading, one day he gave Daniel a book, The Lean Startup. After Daniel finished the book, they realized the solution is in this book. As long as they have a topic, a room for gathering and set a date and asking friends who are interested in web startup to join, they could have the web startup gathering that they didn’t find one in Taichung for a long time. Besides, the meeting of Daniel and Steve was already the minimum viable web gathering.

So Daniel and Steve started setting the gather date, finding the place and topic for the gather, and asking friends to join. Then iTrEnD – Casual Web Startup Gathering Taichung was born.

Detail information
Type: casual web startup gathering
Location: Taichung, Taiwan
Venue: So far they are still looking for the best place to hold the future gathering.
Date&Time: Once of month, about three hours a time
Topic: Every gathering will have a 20 minutes brief of a startup topic, startup news brief, attendees talk about themselves or their products, attendees chat
Contact: Daniel, daniel[at]itrend.tw